Ecosocialist Working Group


Climate change and environmental justice are two of the most important struggles in our world. From oil pipelines that snake through Indigenous land, polluting the earth while on its way to become carbon emissions, to the Flint Water Crisis, these struggles are apparent every day in Michigan.

As ecosocialists, we are determined to build a more just, ecologically sustainable world. Join us every other Thursday from 7pm – 8pm on Zoom! You can learn about what we’re doing here!

Solidarity Garden Campaign

Victory Gardens were one of many civilian campaigns that the U.S. ran during World War II. The goal was to divert food from agribusiness to the war effort and for civilians to grow as much food for themselves, barring certain staple foods that were doled out via ration stamps.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report in 2019 about land use and how in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, substantial changes have to be made quickly. This, along with many other reasons, is why we feel the need to revitalize and sustain Solidarity Gardens.

For our chapter, we are launching a bucket campaign. Each person will receive a bucket with tomatoes, potatoes, and kale. You can sign up to receive them here! This year, we only have enough for 10 people so sign up soon!